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The Faculty of Management and Social Sciences was among the four additional faculties created in 1999 when the then Ebonyi State University College was upgraded to a full-fledged conventional University. By then, the faculty had nine departments including Accountancy, Banking & Finance, Management, Public Administration, Economics, Mass Communication, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology/Anthropology. The tenth department, marketing, was introduced later in the year 2000.

Consequently, established needs led to the splitting of the Faculty of Management and Social Science into, with the faculty of Management Science housing the following five departments:

i.            Accountancy

ii.           Banking and Finance

iii.          Business Management

iv.          Marketing, and

v.          Public Administration



To rank among the best faculties of Management Sciences of all the Universities in the world, with excellence in learning, research, and community service.



To provide a conducive atmosphere for teaching, learning, research and rapid development in order to transform the hitherto, untapped, abundant unskilled human resources in Ebonyi State into skilled manpower.


 Philosophy and Objective 

The general philosophy of the programmes in the Faculty of Management Science is geared towards the development of the total mind to enable the students appreciate, understand, exploit and change as may be appropriate, their environment; given the impact of increasing globalization and technological change.

 It is therefore, the objectives of the programmes to:

i.       Equip the students with the basic knowledge required for a good understanding and analysis of the problems related to Management and Administration in a dynamic world characterized by increasing globalization and technological change;

ii.       Provide students with needed skills for recognizing, defining and tackling effectively, management/administrative problems and issues;

iii.      Sensitize student students with the environmental factors and their impact on the various disciplines in the broad field of management/administration;

iv.     Inculcate in the students, leadership and interpersonal skills; and

v.      Encourage innovative spirit and entrepreneurship development among the students.



Candidates must possess five credits passes including English Language, Mathematics and Economics at the Senior School Certificate or GCE Ordinary level.











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